Coming home...

So, this entry is quite late...about 3 months late. It's hard to imagine that it's been so long since I've returned from Albania. I remember it so clearly, and yet it's such a distance away that I often forget that I've been there. But, I don't forget what I've learned there. I have, in recent weeks, seriously been missing everything about it--the people, the food, the places...even the transportation. Everything was so simple there, but so complex at the same time. I've always enjoyed foreign places, but I think I enjoy making them my home so much more.
To anybody who's reading this that has never traveled abroad, especially those who are frightened by the thought, I have one bit of advice: Go! Just go and do it! I guarantee that you'll never forget it. And don't settle for France, or Canada, or England. Really GO somewhere. Go to Egypt. Go to Turkey. Go to Madagascar. Do whatever you can to really go and see the world you live in.
On another note, even though it's been a while, I still haven't got all my Albania pics posted online. I'll be working (in my spare time, of course) to get them all descriptions and to put them up, but no promise. I've also got pics of my recent trip back east to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and those fun states. Those'll probably come after.
This Saturday there is a film contest sponsored by Apple. I'll be entering that with the help of some friends. Hopefully this will lead to the opening of our production company. Everyone who reads this should go to apple.com/education/insomnia and with your AppleID (get one if you don't have one) vote. I'd say vote for mine, but that's selfish. Although, that doesn't mean you can't do it! We're under Team L. More info and pics on that later.
Anyways, I leave you all with this picture I took on the plane ride home. Good ol' British Airways (they rock house, btw) gave us some good laughs in the lavatory. Don't you just love ironies?
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