Maverick once again?


That is the one word that describes my feelings on our presidential elections today. Wow. After being thoroughly convinced that John McCain had sold his soul to the Republican devil-machine, he comes and shows the world--with one simple move at that--that he still is a renegade party member.
For those of you who haven't read or heard the news, McCain has named his running mate, a 44-year-old governor...from Alaska. She's (yeah, she! from the Repub! side!) a rather unknown, with little experience (ironic, yes, but still exciting) that has quickly moved from mayor of 9.000 to governor of the state.

This is a mighty change in the McCain-eology that we've seen as of late, and reminds us of the old McCain.
I congratulate such a radical move from the senator. I predicted long ago that this election would be the most interesting, monumental, and defining we've had in ages, and it looks like it's going to be more true than ever.
Here's to happy (and real) campaigning!

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  1. It is indeed a bold move by McCain, and I would like to wait until I see some more solid evidence on Ms. Palin's qualifications before making a final judgement. Inevitably every political enemy she's ever had will be coming to surface against her so you shouldn't believe everything you read. But the facts that she's incredibly inexperienced (and hasn't, in fact, shown any real visionary approach to or really interest in national policy), is under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power charges, and that she has a pretty underwhelming approval rating (67%) in Alaska should give voters pause.