Big Update

Wow. So, I haven't had such a low-post month for a while. My apologies. I've been going crazy getting donation packets ready for the Peru trip, I've become an IT consultant for two companies, and I'm trying to help market a few others. On top of that, I have seen so many things for which I'd like to blog, but I've just been lazy in making the decisions as to what to actually post. But now that I can buy Quantum of Solace on Blu-ray, I think I'll give you all an update.
First, off, a demo-film for all. I saw this the other day and was happily surprised at the quality and the general feel. Although I admit that there were some things I was disappointed in, I thought it was well done for what seems like a proof-of-concept. Check it out:

Also, check out this short animation by a good friend of mine. She's living in Atlanta now, and just got a job with a design firm. I've always enjoyed her work, and this is a great example. Here's the link.
I'm also getting ready to do a photo series. I haven't decided on content entirely (I have some ideas) but I'd really like your input. The thing is, all of these photos will be developed by coffee and Vitamin C, a.k.a. caffenol. Crazy, eh? It works, and it produces very distinctive prints. I'm excited, so if you have any ideas for themes of this series, let me know in the comments!
Finally, in other news, India's Tata Motors just released the world's cheapest car ($2000!). It's cute as well as fuel efficient! Hulu for academics at academicearth.org. I've found this very good for studying, especially when your professors aren't the best.
Ever wonder what goes in to making a font? Check out this story, it's good.
And finally, cold fusion is back in the news. This could be a very important advancement. Check it. (Plus it has a great reference to the cold fusion experiments at the University of Utah which nearly destroyed the prestige of the chemistry program here. Good thing we've earned academic respect again.)

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  1. I know the feeling Tyler. I always have this mental list of things I'd like to possibly blog on, and then, they don't make the cut (for lack of time or whatsever). Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed them all! Cold fusion AND typography sharing blogs. Its such harmony. Luckily for me, Shawn must stalk the same sites as you and I'm already up on the strange 1/2 life-esque video. lol.

    Nice job IT man!