Big Bang

I promise to be more judicial in the physics-related posts, but I found this to be quite...spiritual.


  1. Wow. I've always had trouble understanding this topic along with many others associated with physics and chemistry, myself being mostly involved in the humanities my whole life. The big bang and evolution in general are always looked down upon by very religious people (most of them not physics/chem people), but it is my personal belief, and I think this video is a good demonstration of this, that evolution and the big bang are all encapsulated within the creationism concept. God made the universe prior to its current location and moved it there from Kolob, or so the gospel scholars theorize. So this would explain why animals and plants were able to evolve, but does not include humans because God placed them on the earth following the move from Kolob. Just a theory I've read and think is a good one. A book that really helped me put this into perspective is Earth, In the Beginning by Eric Skouson, relative to Cleon. Obviously not an apostle so we can't take everything literally, but I think he has some pretty interesting ideas. He uses quotes from prophets and follows the scriptures very closely in relation to his theories. Thanks for the vid!

  2. Good post. Keep the physics videos coming. They're interesting.