I love my friends, and I feel like I'm very bad at expressing my gratitude and appreciation for them. I started thinking of them the other day, and to my comedic delight (and surprise), I realized that a great majority of my friends' names are either nouns themselves or homophones of nouns (obviously not proper nouns...that would make this whole post stupid)...check it out:
Chase (a chase)
Lance (like for skewering people)
Max (this is for the math geeks...a max, as in a local or global max)
Brad (a brad, you know, for paper)
Abby (an abbey)
Phil (it works better as a verb, but fill is also a noun)
Mike (mic - short for microphone!)
Mat (self-explanatory)
Derek (oil-derrick anyone?)
Jon (haha...a john)
...even Albanians!
Stela (actually means star in Italian, so stretchy, but whatev)

Anyway, kinda crazy, but funny, I thought...


  1. ALSO YOU!!! ...

    Tyler: [tahy-ler] (noun)
    A poor sap that has way to much time on his hands....

    Just Kidding,..

    Tyler: [tahy-ler] (noun)
    the doorkeeper of a Masonic lodge.

    True Stuff......

  2. No way! I almost mentioned how I felt special NOT having noun as a name...I guess I'm going to have to find other ways to be special...

  3. I know what a Peter is...