MLS Champs!!!

Awesome and amazing.
Real Salt Lake won Utah's first professional title today, beating out the LA Galaxy 1-1 (5-4), once again taking the game into penalty kicks! It was a tough first half, seeing LA score off a perfect lead-in from David Beckham to Landon Donovan who sent a crisp cross over to Mike Magee who drilled it home. However, after the second half started, RSL took over the game, leading possession 87%-13% at one time. A hard fight in the box--and some lucky bounces--led to RSL capitalizing on their domination as Robbie Findlay drilled one with his left stick under keeper Donovan Ricketts' stretched arms.
RSL continued their domination into both periods of overtime, maintaining a 75%-25% possession lead over LA. As time dwindled and RSL saw many of their chances just miss, we knew we had Rimando to seal the deal.
PKs were very reminiscent of last weeks, and Robbie Russell put in the game winner after we saw Landon Donovan sail his over the crossbar and Rimando block 2 more PKs (that's a total of FIVE this postseason!)
It was amazing. They deserved it. They showed that they were the better team for at least 95 minutes. Everything--their composure, their hustle, their possession--paid off while they made their own luck.
Congrats RSL!! We love you!

ps-let it be known, November 22 will forever be RSL day!


  1. Don't forget to give Nicky credit for the Donovan miss, and how about Saunders stepping up as keeper for LA, that was big. and no one can say anything about Beckham's bruised ankle...RSL was down Johnson AND Morales. Great game, Arena called it sloppy, but I think he forgot about the play during regulation, extra time maybe, but just on his side. one of the best MLS Cup games I've watched. Rock on RSL!

  2. Good job RSL! BTW, one of my patients today told me she met Beckerman one day when he offered to help her carry in her garbage can. He was waiting at Rimondo's house and saw she had her hands full. What a nice guy. I told her she should get their autographs next time. :)

  3. Absolutely. Great comments. I also have to comment about Dave Beckham's sportsmanship. If you noticed, he was the only LA team member near the podium when Real lifted the cup, giving them a hand. Rumor has it he also went into the locker room afterwards to congratulate each and every one of RSL's mates.
    I also have to address Arena's comments. His side *was* sloppy, especially in that second half, but he of all people should understand that that doesn't mean the game was sloppy. Sure, our goal was scrappy, but everyone who plays soccer knows that you create your own luck and if you're playing right, you'll score. Even Beckham admitted that RSL should have gotten a goal sometime.