Albuquerque and Londyn

I had a great chance to go down to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Albuquerque this past week. They just welcomed a baby girl into their home, and, well, she's a pretty good looking baby (not all babies are this good looking, you see.)
Thought I'd post some pics. Some might be repetitive...I forgot I had my camera until my last day there!

Just a note: the reason they're kinda grainy is because Picasa doesn't have great RAW support. I'll clean them up and re-upload them soon.


  1. I cannot believe what a cute baby that is!

  2. Gorgeous... I love being the fun aunt. It's too bad she is so far away :-( Makes it harder to spoil her

  3. ooohhh te vdes une per ty Tyler. Ti dukesh teper i mire me nje femije i vogel, une mendoj se ti do te besh shume kallamai sa te martohesh, edhe gjeja e bukur eshte qe do te jene aq te mire sa eshte kjo. Me jete te gjate!