Feynman on Magnetism

I love this. I'm sure to varying degree we've all tried to explain something that is, at least to us, so elementary, that there is just no other way to explain it. I feel like that when I attempt to explain ANY physical phenomena to two certain friends whom I will not name here. Haha, anyway! Gotta love Richard Feynman anyway!

[thanks kottke.org]


  1. This remind anyone of any number of Sarah Palin interviews? The only difference I guess is that this guy actually does know what he's talking about. Oh, Sarah...

  2. Brad!!!! Still chuckling at that one.:) but what a fantastic explanation of explaining. right? whether he fully answers or not it is clear the man knows his stuff.

  3. Yeah...comparing Richard Feynman to Sarah Palin is like comparing Gandhi to Hitler, or I guess more appropriately, Kim Peek to Miss South Carolina. It hurts. But, I have to agree with what you said! Anyway...