Changes Are Coming

Nothing like a poorly done and overused cliche to hammer home a point, right?
Well, this blog has served me somewhat well for the past 42 months. I like that number, and if anyone can tell me why, I'll give them a shout out.
I started this blog to give me a place to share my opinions because, clearly, I don't do that often enough. I used it to share things I found important or intriguing or absolutely ridiculous on the web because, obviously, you all don't get enough web time to yourself. I held back and then rushed forth, sharing my feelings and even--gasp!--some day to day updates of my life because, as it seems to me, it's the most important thing on the planet and everybody should know about it. I've traveled to the Philippines, Peru, Honduras, and Europe thrice on this blog because, honestly, I love fielding questions about how I can afford it and you can't.
My cynicism has been reignited thanks to this blog; my sarcasm enlightened. I've perhaps learned more about who I am than any of you have, and I guess I should say thanks for coming along for the ride.
Now, before any of you freak out: I know your lives revolve around my ramblings. My blog will continue, but things will change. I'm in the process of making this blog bigger. That's right, bigger. If ever I planned on containing my ego in cyberspace, I realize that I need bigger space.
Hopefully, these changes will be as interesting to you as I hope they are to me. Hopefully, you'll be more inclined to share the stuff I post. Hopefully, everything will make sense. BLURG!

Just be ready.


  1. I think it's awesome that you prioritize travel into your budget! I can't wait for the day when Trace finishes his doctorate and he finally has time to travel with me. Can't wait to see the "new and improved blog"

  2. it's not that he prioritizes travel into his budget...it's simply that he makes the decision to travel and deals with minor inconveniences like not owning a car. my personal opinion about travel is that if you're going to do it, do it. you can't say we'll do that when...because you might end up saying that for the rest of your life.

  3. also i'm not sure if the cliche picture makes you look like a drunk or a sesame street character. anyone care to weigh in?

  4. Oh,and in response to Josh: I think there is truth in what you've said, but some people don't have the luxury of just 'deciding' to travel.
    I ride a bike to work, never made a car payment, have the cheapest phone on the cheapest plan, no magazine subscriptions, no membership dues, no insurance, no mortgage, no credit card bills, no children, no tanning/pedicures/manicures/lattes/facials/massages/haircuts/dyejobs, no netflix, no tv, work 50 hrs a week and I still haven't traveled anywhere outside of the US or mexico.:( I earnestly cannot afford travel like I'd prefer and can't think of any 'conveniences' left to "cut out". Paying for 3 degrees and two cross country moves are hard on a designer salary. I earnestly don't think travel is just a decision, so it is a luxury. But I will eventually... If the world ends in 2012 I'm going to be pissed. I think might copy and paste this diatribe into my own blog now.

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Answer_to_the_Ultimate_Question_of_Life,_the_Universe,_and_Everything#Answer_to_the_Ultimate_Question_of_Life.2C_the_Universe_and_Everything_.2842.29

  6. Ah, major bummer. Justin has beaten me to it. Hitchhiker's trivia is one of my few strong points! Followed your facebook over here Tyler - hope you don't mind that my curiosity has now made me seem slightly stalker-ish. I got caught on what you were saying writing a blog has done for you. I haven't read through anything but this post so it left me wondering if your cynicism and sarcasm have been strengthened by the actual writing or the comments left by others?

    While I don't declare this to hold true in every case, I always suspected that cynicism was the result of one of two things: An idealist at heart that tries to be a realist, because he or she has recognized the emotional advantages to being a realist. Or an independent that finds cynicism to be a handy tool to describe his cranky and sarcastic look on life. :) :) :)

    I wonder which category you fall into???