Mistaking Tyranny for Losing

Thanks Brett!
It's absolutely fanatically CRAZY how the GOPs mouthpieces are reacting. Seriously, if they want a chance come 2010, they'll have to drastically change their approach.
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  1. Potato day...sick bastards. Seems to me that this is all a communist plot to get to our precious bodily fluids! Good thing we have that doomsday machine laying around...

  2. Pace your RAGE!
    I agree, there's a bit of worshipism goin down but the rest is just bologne, with pimentos and defeat.

  3. That was seriously freaking hilarious and so beyond true. Fox news is a joke! Hahahaha I was laughing out loud at work. I couldn't help myself. I can't wait for mandatory organ donation! hahahaha Bwahahahahahaha!