Haha. Last Monday I got a chance to have some fun in the studio at Ron Hill Imagery (yeah, I know the site's under construction) with a few colleagues of mine. We were shooting a music video for a new band (I don't even know their name!) that another guy I know started.
Anyway, we had an awesome time, and I think the final product will look fantabulous, but you'll have to wait until autumn to see the end result due to heavy post production.
However, I learned a lot about the studio experience, and we used RED One cams--my first time and I fell in love with it. So, now I just need about $150k to start getting equipment for my place...


  1. It should be illegal for men to dress like that

  2. there was one girl, she's in yellow!

  3. whatever they post-produce to this i hope it equals less man-tard time. :)