Little update

So, photos are continually being updated, so keep checking old posts for new photos. You can also go to my picasa page: picasaweb.google.com/tsoelberg : to check out the photos. I'm also, in my free time, trying to write descriptions, so if they aren't there yet, I'm sorry.
A little word on the slideshows that are contained in the post: if you want to read the description, scroll your mouse over the slideshow, and on the little bar that pops up at the bottom, click the thought bubble (it's the second icon from the left). If a photo has a caption, it will display. If you didn't catch the slideshow, and you prefer that rather than going to the picasa page, just click the back arrow as far as you can, or, if it's ended, click the play button again. Lastly, to visit the picasa page directly from the blog, scroll the mouse over the slideshow, and in the lower right hand corner, click the picasa icon--a little multi-colored round thing-a-majig.
Place a comment if you need any other help.
PS - once we're in other places, you might get movies too, but that'll probably be better in HD when we're home...

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