And dominate he did. Well, we can all admit that it was close, but from February, not many have doubted that Obama would likely win the nomination. Now, with 2179 pledged delegates, Barack has clinched the nomination. Let's look at some of the very superficial -0-09-09 that this news brings:
-the opportunity to have a President whose career is diplomacy over a President whose career (while respectable) was military
-the opportunity to have a President whose age is 14 years younger than the average age of a fossilized congress, rather than a President who's 11 years older than the average age of congress
-the opportunity to have an instant political climate change in a stagnant Washington instead of further stagnation brought by continuation of policies and ideas that have proven their failure multiple times
-the opportunity to let the voice of reason triumph over the iron of war
-the opportunity for new economic policies with hopes to recover the economic stature and surplus that hasn't been seen since the late 90s instead of a growing insurmountable national debt that is more than twice it was at the same time

Okay, so obviously I'm not going into much depth, and many may argue that I'm wrong...but hey, this is a blog, so I'm not obligated to go into depth. All I've ever recommended is that everyone calms down, and starts to weigh ALL of the issues on the same level field. It is not reasonable to side continually with one party if you're not in the business (that is, a politician). Is the support of gay rights and/or abortion heavier than the number of lives that are lost each day in war? Heavier than corrupt businesses whose lobbyists in Washington guarantee that no innovation will come and change things? I suggest to you that they're not.
As I was talking with a friend recently, I made my stance very evident. He retorted that he was disappointed with all of the candidates because they are being so cryptic and not making their platforms really known. In other words, he suggested it was a game.
Well, sure, that's where we are, whether we like it or not. However, I stick to the belief that if someone is infused with a good ideology, their decisions will reflect that. Our candidates' ideologies are evident, they always will be because that's something politicians can never do without.
Here's to looking forward to a great showdown. McCain v Obama. May he that is fittest win the race.

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  1. So glad to know that someone has a level head around here! Well said!