Al Gore was SO 1999!!

That's right, there's a new inventor in town. Oh, you haven't heard? I thought everyone knew that John McCain invented the BlackBerry. Seriously, isn't this like...oh wait, wha?!
Heh, in a move vaguely familiar to us all, John McCain's campaign advisor held up his BlackBerry and exclaimed, "Eureka!" Just kidding, he held it up and exclaimed: "You’re looking at the miracle that John McCain helped create!"
Good thing Mr. McCain doesn't know how to use e-mail and can't type on a computer (due to injuries sustained during Vietnam, NOT--as many people think--because of his technological incompetence...although that may contribute. Gotta love thinking about a country being ran by a man incapable of programming his VCR...)

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  1. I have to say though that every time I see McCain lift his arms, the PT in me sees that he has major biomechanical dysfunction in his shoulders and seeing what I saw at the VA hospital, I'm sure those really are related to injuries as a POW.