Messiah McCain

"It's amusing to listen to a man in his fourth term in the Senate (after two terms in the House) rail against evil "Washington," as if he weren't one of this modern-day Sodom's most prominent denizens." --Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
It's always interesting when a *very* conservative paper produces opinion columns like this. I guess it's bound to happen.
I praised McCain for choosing Palin in an effort to afford him his Maverick status again. But I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought it was a *good* choice. McCain is risking way too much with this woman, but I'm appalled at the results. I've talked to young men that are voting for McCain on the sole premise that "Palin is hot."
Impressive, John, but if you did plan that, that's pathetic. It's also interesting that hardly *any* of Palin's own "Maverick" ways, or her so-called corruption-fighting days, have held up to real scrutiny--even by Republicans.
Anyway, that's my two bits...

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