Leaving Home, Part One

Well, finals have come and gone (and actually went quite well in their own right), and in less than 11 hours I will be in the air making my way to Peru. I'm absolutely thrilled, but I just wanted to reflect on how this past week has gone and some feelings I've had.
First of all, without too much commentary, I was lucky to find donors to pay for my whole end of the project, which was quite the blessing. We are also going to Machu Picchu, so we had to pay for that portion of the trip. Unfortunately, the preparatory medical costs for this trip (vaccinations, prescriptions, etc.) cost about the same amount as the Machu Picchu trip. So, that was a heart-wrenching reach for the wallet this week. But at least I will be healthy, right?
Second, as I was preparing and packing today, I was testing all of my electronics and I plugged in my Vixia to charge it up, and it wasn't charging. I was not at all happy, but soon figured out that a little pin in the charging jack on the camera was pushed through, effectively crippling the charging abilities of the camera. No bueno, since I'm in charge of documenting this project. So I spent three hours meticulously opening the camera to see if it was something I could jury-rig, knowing that the warranty wouldn't get me a camera in time for the trip. I did as much as I could, and I thought I had fixed it, but to no avail. So now if my warranty doesn't hold through, I'll eventually have a $1000 brick on my desk. But at least it still records fine, right?

I had three sound projects due on Wednesday...I had somehow misplaced my CF card with all the project files on it, so I didn't get that turned in this week. Luckily I found the card today, too bad I leave tomorrow and have no time to turn it in. But at least Steve's a nice guy and will work with me, right?
So many other things are going wrong right now, it's made me really wonder why I do what I do. Why am I risking myself and my equipment going to build toilets for a village? Why am I strangling myself fiscally to visit some of my best friends in Frankfurt? Why do I take 19 credit hours and work 25+ hours every week? Sometimes it all seems so silly to me. What is it that drives me? What's the point?
And yet, I think that's why I insist on it. I couldn't handle *NOT* pushing myself to my physical, mental, fiscal, and spiritual limits. I learn more in two weeks abroad than in years of school and work. I experience so much; so many feelings race through my heart that sometimes I wonder if this is the only way left to experience the gamut of emotion in a world that is turning benign.
Maybe that's it...maybe I just want to feel...

Anyway, airport at 9. See you all later.


  1. Ah Ty. Good luck my friend.
    Bid your brother goodbye as well, won't be gone by the time you return?

    Pack an extra pair of socks 'n underwear in your carry-on, whom ever knows what adventures you'll encounter.

  2. Have fun... be safe! Don't die on me :-)

  3. The ads are new, is this to help pay your debt to society? If you want me to click on them, I will.