Up and Away!

So, I will come out and apologize right away for not having any pictures. I somehow decided not to bring my camera cables...anyway...we're having a blast!
Yesterday was our last day in Moralillos for our project. I don't think I've become attached to a people as quickly as this village, except perhaps Albania. They were the most accepting and loving people, and they were happy! We did our work and got so close to them. As my job was to document it, I tried to get as involved with the people (because people are what good documentaries are about) and the children were fantastic. I still see their smiling faces as I struggled to pull my spanish out of the bag and communicate with them. They were great.
Before we got on our plane in Iquitos, we took a boat ride on the Amazon. Absolutely fantastic. That's all that can describe it! After a 5 hour weather delay in Lima, we finally made it 12,000 feet higher in Cuzco, which has also been fantastic.
I will write more details when I get home...we're going to Machu Picchu tomorrow at 5.30a, so I better hit the hay.
Hope you are all well, and know that I'm safe and feel safe (which are two different things, of course) and that the people are great.

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  1. So wait, your done with your project? So your on vacation now? You must be pretty fast at diggin toilets.