Leaving Home, Part Two

This was always meant to be a two-part series...
Getting out of the country this second time was a much smoother experience. My ride's car didn't suffer from bad battery and a flat tire, nothing really bad happened to me the night before leaving, and although I've been a little anxious since I haven't had any time to think about this trip, I have been rather calm since we left.
After a long flight, we got to Frankfurt and succesfully navigated the S-Bahn here to get to Friedrichsdorf, the city the temple is actually in. However, we had no idea where in Friedrichsdorf the temple was, so we just started walking. I navigated the best I could with my incredible memory of Google Maps, and a half hour later we arrived at the harder-than-it-should-have-been-to-find temple. It's incredible to see this one in real life.
Today has been the big day for many who came. We've had endowments and sealings for these couples, and it's truly been an incredible feeling. A lot of people have come, including the Lusho family, Brother and Sister Cunaj, Brother and Sister Rrokaj, the Isufi family (including all three kids!) and many others from Tirana and Durres.
We're here at the temple for another 3 days, and I really hope that my friends take advantage of the opportunity they have.
Last night, a friend of ours that lives in Frankfurt came and picked us up and took us around the city at night. It was beautiful...quite incredible. Saturday we plan on leaving to Berlin, but who really knows? We'll keep you updated.


  1. I wish I had made it work to be there with you guys. Have fun!

  2. How does one get to travel so much? I can't afford gas to the south end of the city. lol.
    Sounds like fun Ty. I hope you have fun in Berlin:)