Apple, Postal Service, and Salt Lake City?

So, I was reading (twice, actually) today about RIM's (the maker of Blackberries..the phone) complete ripoff of an Apple ad, and that reading led me to read about Apple's own ripoffs...which have themselves been numerous at times.
So as I got into the Apple ripoffs, I was reading how Apple ripped off The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" music video, and I like that song and was intrigued as to why that music video would have images of a microprocessor plant. As I was watching along, the video goes into space, and the camera zooms into the earth a la "Burn After Reading" or a simple Google Earth transition.
What totally took me off guard, however, was just exactly *where* they zoomed in. Can you guess?
It was Salt Lake City! Not only that, but it just *happens* that they zoom in right where the Delta Center--ahem, EnergySolutions Arena is now. Which leads me to believe that they either digitally altered, or they got the satellite image from before 1991 when the arena was built. (Due to other shadows and etc., I'm actually leaning toward the latter.)
Anyway, check it out. The magic begins at about the 3:12 mark if you're indifferent or impatient.

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  1. I wonder why they chose that to zoom in on. Thoughts?

  2. Interesting how the line in the song says "everything looks perfect..." just like Salt LAke?