Inheritance in Salt Lake...FINALLY!!

I've known for a while that The Inheritance of War would be playing in SLC, and Ashley just sent me the info for the screening:
The Salt Lake City Film Festival is coming up (Aug 14-16) and slated to play at the SLC Library on Friday the 14th is "Billy was a Deaf Kid" at 11 AM and "The Inheritance of War" at 1:30 PM. "Reserved to Fight" follows at 3:00. All screenings at the Library are FREE so invite everyone to come.

I'm also going to throw a shout out to "Hi My Name is Ryan" which plays Saturday 7PM at the Tower Theater. It is a very funny doc about an eccentric teenager from Arizona


For those of you unaware, The Inheritance of War was filmed and directed by a dear friend of mine, Ashley Karras. It premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival, and has played in various festivals around the country: LDS Film Festival [Orem, UT], Las Vegas Film Festival, Foursite Film Festival [Ogden, UT], and GI Film Festival [Washington, D.C.]. (If I missed any, Ash, let me know!) Now that it's finally in Salt Lake (and FREE!!!), I expect a good showing!
Comment if you'd like to come or would like more info.

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