I Am a Material Boy, Oh Oh!

So, I'm an 80s child, so for some reason, I feel like I'm supposed to be *extremely* knowledgeable when it comes to 80s culture. I am, however, not.
Fact is, I barely remember watching He-man on TV, and although I loved those screaming fluorescent pants my mother made me, I'm pretty sure I only ever owned one pair. Care Bears were awesome, I remember Smurfs, and I know now that there were some pretty great movies made then (Ghostbusters/Indiana Jones/Back to the Future is what I'm talking about...not all that Stallone crap).
Sure, we had a compact disc (yes, also an 80s invention) with MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This," and I am pretty sure somebody in our house wore polka dots. I can remember a few things: girls LOVED banana clips, shoulder pads were a fad, MacGyver rocked my Sundays, and my Wayfarer look-alikes were suh-WEET...when I was 4.
But let's face it: I don't know who Corazón Aquino is (TIME's Person of the Year the year I was born), I never even knew who Ronald Reagan was during that decade, and I don't even get the joke about how David Squier dying by a stroke.
However, for all of the times 80s music was awful, some of it was actually really artistic. But, hindsight is not only 20/20, it also leads to some pretty awesome creations. So, that was my lengthy introduction to Scott Bradlee covering--in ragtime, no less--some of the most popular 80s hits:


  1. Chilren of the 80's really are lovers of the 90's lets face it. haha. And 80's runoff. I've seen this vid, its pretty amazing. But, I too dont have my 80's trivia down, nor do I care to. :)

  2. I though MC Hammer was early 90's... But hey I too cant claim to be a child of the 80's, I was born in 1981 and lets face it, no child really knew themselves when they were 4,5,6, etc. I am a child of the 1990's.. I can actually remember enjoying grunge, but I cant remember enjoying New Wave of the 1980's. I just listened to whatever my mom put on. So if anyone says they remember the 80's but they were born in 1986, they are lying.