Okay...I'm completely perplexed. As I was walking out of my film class today, a classmate and I were talking about the topics of the papers we handed in. Out of the blue, he asks, "has anyone ever told you you look like Andy Dick?"
I mean, I get the Matthew McConaughey all the time. But never Andy Dick. He actually clarified his question afterward by saying, "The old Andy Dick. When he was normal and wasn't so sick."
Anyway, I don't really know what this means. But I had some random moment to spare and decided to ask you all what you think.

I don't know...my manlier beard pretty much sets us apart at this point...


  1. matthew mcconaughey? you need to start working out just a little bit more...

  2. That is a little scary... I vote you lose the beard :-)

  3. also, maybe it's the fact that your beard hides your non-butt chin that caused the andy confusion.