So, you know how some things will just drive you crazy enough that you can't go to bed until you just do them? This is a post like that. You see, finals week has been upon me, and I'm finally done with all of my finals (well...I'll come back to that). Now I find that I have a TON of things I want to share with everyone. So...prepare yourselves!
We'll start with design:
First off, it's kinda odd, but seriously appealing to me: fantastic illustrations of 30 ways to die from electrocution. Disclaimer: these are illustrations, and while they sound like incredibly dark humor, I think when you see them you'll see how light they are. And funny. Seriously, take this for example:

Moving on. Here's an ironic picture, completely (okay, not completely) exemplifying the American dream:

If you haven't search for tilt-shift images, do so NOW! You can even make them with your iPhone quite easily with this app!
Lastly for design stuff, check out the incredible ASCII art from the 40s!
If you have children, I recommend not buying them these dolls for Christmas. In fact, you're better off sticking with a Wii. I personally would buy anything from these vintage Apple ads, or maybe a Roomba...just not one from 1959. Maybe a nice carbon fiber table gets you going. And for the space geeks, they've finally updated the, ahem, not-so-holy bible. I do want to get me a nice bike...but it needs to be special...something like this (which is actually just really cool tech!)
As the year closes down, I've seen some AMAZING year in review photo galleries. Really, any awesome photos (of the space shuttle riding a 777) deserve their time in hyperspace. Boston.com has probably the most fantastic 2008 in review set. I completely recommend it. Macro photography always makes me happy as well, and here are some awesome macro shots (although the website is admittedly not the easiest to navigate, I have full faith you'll be able to do so.) I particularly liked the photos of ice.
And finally, have some great holidays with a fantastic retro-pic and cover of a beloved Christmas classic!

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