Tuesday Update...on Wednesday?

So, I have this thing for busy-ness. For some reason, I find that I strive to be as busy as possible, and then some. Yesterday was definitely one of those days that I found myself having more plans than time.
So let me update y'all: yesterday I told the third girl this year that I wasn't interested in her. By far she's had the worst reaction and told me she didn't want to see me again...ever. We didn't even have anything between us (i.e. there was never an 'us'), we were friends.
Anyway, I've noticed Mr. Dow Jones has been fighting to make some gains again. But as most financially minded people know, the Standard & Poors 500 is a much better index when looking at the economy and market as a whole. Well, so you know, S&P500 is comparable only to the year of 1931 at -50%. Interestingly enough, if you plot # of years vs gains, you'll find a nice bell curve as evidenced here. And I think I'm heading to Washington to ask for a bailout for my economic situation. I figure if billions are being handed out, a chill million wouldn't be too much to ask. Plus it would create jobs instead of eliminating them. Sure.
I've been interested as of late to genetic programming. It's a very interesting style of machine programming that "evolves" and grows smarter. Check out the evolution of the Mona Lisa, for example. Or you can watch a beta car-building flash applet. Neat-o.
Technology is great. But I'm beginning to find the anonymity of the internet to be a bittersweet. One thing is for certain, I'm quite convinced that it has shown how fake humans can be. Things that would never be said in real life are found in surplus in the comment section of respectable news organizations and other sites. Anyway...my small little rant that I won't continue.
But technology really is great. Check out this new version of bendable display! Can't you wait until you can have this tech in your home? In your pocket?
Finals are next week. Hallelujah. My film has been edited, I'm just waiting to finish the score. I wasn't going to have a music track, but I decided it would greatly enhance the experience, and I'm very picky, so I'm writing it myself. Problem is always time. Recall paragraph one. Right. It'll be done soon for all those waiting on the edge of their seats.
As we near the end of this year, another interesting read is the top 10 stories you missed this year.Interesting, quite.
Anyway, enjoy!

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