Euromania is at a Milano End

Well, at least for these guys--I've got about a week more. I forgot to mention yesterday how cool it was...after dinner we were walking through the streets of Innsbruck and lo, we heard music. It just so happened that a classic marching band--in lederhosen and other proper dress--came strolling down the streets. It was awesome, and it was also quite hilarious to watch how other people reacted. Quite ridiculous, actually...people were running in between the ranks trying to get photos with the classy band members. Well, anyway, it was cool.
So, our last day...
We went out into Innsbruck central again, only this time, we were in sunlight. That was nice. We bought some stuff, and then we got ready to take off to Milan. We came back to our car to find a parking ticket on the window. Haha, well, we were told by our concierge at the hotel that if we got a ticket, to take it to them, so we did. Heaven knows what they did with it. Oh well!
The drive to Milan is LONG, but it was a good drive. Crazy, though, because once you get to the top in Brenner Pass, you have a long way down. Seriously, we drove over 100km, descending the entire way. I pushed the brakes more than the gas for those 100km. It was fun though.
Our maps on Mr. Garmin are a bit old (as we found out while searching for Bro. Gehrlach...I google mapped it...apparently we were really close to his house) and when we got into Milan, I took the closest exit to what we were told and went, according to Mr. Garmin, off-road for about 5km. Haha. I haven't heard the word, 'Recalculating...' nor the phrase, 'Please drive the highlighted route.' more times in my LIFE!
Anyway, we found our hotel, and now we're just rearranging suitcases and etc. to prepare for tomorrow. I'm trying to put a new OS on my lappy, and I've got some good internet here. It's funny, it took us about 10 hotels before we got one that gave us not only free, good wifi, but free, good wifi in our room--haha. Anyway, I'll try to get the remaining pics up tonight, and then my posts will be considerably shorter and more spaced out while I make my way back to Albania. I'll still try to keep in touch.
Anyway, I suppose this is adieu. Adieu.

Update: So, I read today that it's bad blogger etiquette to append or edit a post. Well, sorry. I'm putting up my photos of the past little while, since the others are asleep and I had to recover my little eee after a failed attempt to update my kde version usually different repositories. Haha. Plus I still can't get it to boot off my thumb drive so I can put ubuntu on it. Oh well. Enjoy the pics I got until the others get home. link

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  1. Hey Ty! It's Chels again :) i wasn't sure if you were gonna see or notice our first comment ha but your mom said you got it, so we were glad! i just wanted to check in and see how you were doin now that your flyin solo! haha hope everythings goin good and your havin fun! Be careful, be safe and i'll talk to ya soon! :)
    ~ Chels