Wien in Vienna...

We left Feldkirchen today and decided to go up to the castle Hochosterwitz, which is quite the preserved castle. They've obviously done a lot of work to keep it nice, but I was completely impressed by the location and view of the castle, as well as the great defense mechanisms built and maintained.
We then took off towards Vienna, knowing that we wouldn't arrive until about 5pm. The problem being only that we hadn't had internet the night before. Fortunately, we were able to use the offices internet in the morning and had (luckily) found a place to stay for three nights in Vienna (not to mention at a decent price).
After visiting Hochosterwitz, we decided to get some lunch, but instead of any restaurant, we stopped at a grocery store. Definitely the way to go, I don't know what we've been thinking before. (Actually, I do...we never really had the opportunity to before.)
We left for Austria, and thanks to Mr. Garmin, not only did we certainly not get lost, but we enjoyed the backcountry for quite a ways.
Once we got near Vienna, however, the weather turned quite sour. I actually didn't mind it--we had been burning in the sun for about two weeks now, so the rain, well, the torrential downpour, we drove through was a refreshing change.
Anyway, driving into Vienna was fun and shortly we found our hotel, which happens to be in the city district that dad served in (although a different area). After settling down for a while, we rushed out and took a walk down Favoritenstrasse, a popular walking mall in town. It was interesting to see what dad did remember, and to listen to his comments about what has changed. Tichy's is still there (does anybody remember the ice cream place dad talked about?). It's just a lot bigger...still popular.
I'm trying to pick up on as much german as I can while I'm here, so I've been blitzing dad for information, asking about everything as it intrigues me. I'm sure he's used to it by now, I've been doing this sort of thing for 22 years. We'll see how I am at the end of this week. Plus, I hope it's helping him remember his own german better.
Anyway, you are all thinking of how boring this post is, but I have ten minutes to wrap up before the lobby closes, and hence I lose my internet. Hope all is well with everyone back home, hope to hear from some of you soon!

I promise pictures up tomorrow of Venice, Klagenfurt, and hopefully Vienna (day one). We'll be here for three nights, so I'll try to remain consistent. Also, I plugged my iPod into my eee, which apparently the newer generation of iPods do not like. My problem is the same as this, so if anybody can do a little research for me so I can use it on the way home that would be awesome. Anyway, guten nacht.

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