So, I'm noticing a lot of people aren't enjoying the long posts. I can't really do a separate 'long' and 'short' version, so I figured since I'm going to be kicked out of my internet spot soon, I may as well just write something short today. Plus, I promised pictures, and that took a while to get organized, so...
We left the hotel and grabbed some breakfast today from a nearby pastry shop. After eating it, we hopped on the subway train to go down to Schoenbrunn palace, the summer home of the Habsburg dynasty. It was very impressive, and now I want to build myself a summer palace. I'll let you all visit.
After spending the better part of the morning there, we came bac and walked around some other touristy attractions in Vienna before heading off to find a mythical restaurant that used to exist some 30 years ago. Odd thing was...it does exist, and it was actually good food, although I now I've eaten too much since arriving in Austria. Italy serves you an art, while Austria serves you a meal.
We then went and got ice cream (...) from Tichy, another place that existed over 30 years ago, except that this place has grown quite considerably. Its ice cream was fabulous, that's all I can say.
We walked home, and now I'm writing you all. Hope that it is enough to at least satisfy all of you inquiries on our daily excursions. If not, I've put over 400 new photos of Venice, Klagenfurt, and Vienna up, so...have at 'em.

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  1. I love your daily updates...I'm checking them regularly, long or short. :)