Late-night Trains

Well, today was a good day, but we got back supa late, so you all have to wait even longer before I can write a good entry. Anyway, remind me to relate the story of dad and his hat. Haha. That was classic.
Anyway, it's late and tomorrow we take off for Salzburg (Linz, actually, but we had to get a hotel in Salzburg. It's been crazy difficult to find hotels here in Austria...).


  1. Hey dont forget the story of your dad and his hat.

  2. We're going to owe you a car wash...your car has been parked in front of our house and they started construction on the new elementary school and now its DUSTY! (I'll have to take a picture.)

  3. Oh, ask mom if she wants me to do anything for Aaron S's farewell on Sunday. We're planning on going to represent our family.