Finding an Inn in Innsbruck

Sorry about the delay the past few days. Having spotty wifi is a traveler's bane, but it happens so often that you usually get used to it rather quickly. That being said, you'll notice that pictures haven't been uploaded and yesterday didn't see a post. Well, don't you all worry too quickly. We're in Innsbruck now, and we're doing fine. The only problem is that not only does our hotel lack wifi all together, but there is no internet place close by. Lucky for all you devoted readers, I found one on the way back tonight.
Alright, let me quickly catch you all up to where we are. We arrived in Innsbruck yesterday, driving from Salzburg in quite the storm. Thing is, we didn't just drive from Salzburg, that would've been boring. Yesterday while at church in Salzburg, Dad was asking around about a man by the name of Karl-Heinz Gehrlach, a man he tracted into in '74, in his first area of Braunau. A year or so after returning home, he got a postcard from Brother Gehrlach saying that he had finally made the decision to be baptised. So, now that Braunau was no longer a branch, could he possibly be in Salzburg. After some investigative work with some of the members, and a lot of help from the senior couple serving in Salzburg (which, get this, had been the mission president in Vienna, '90 through '93, which for all of you ATM scholars know that those are the years that Albania was opened to work...under the Vienna Austria Mission. That's right...Sister Reber walked up to me, after speaking with mom, and said, 'Miredita!' I was surprised to say the least and quite proud of her for remembering that one word--good day), we found out that he actually was in the Salzburg ward. Not only that, but he was the High Priest group leader. How's that? It made dad happy to hear, and so we got his information (he wasn't at church that day) and set out to find his house.
His house is located in a place called Goldegg, google map that. It's just a little out of the way from the main route to Innsbruck from Salzburg, so we took off. Garmin had the road name, so we thought we were set. He hadn't answered his phone, so we didn't know if we'd find him. Well, after 3 hours of searching and asking folks, we couldn't find his house, and he still wasn't answering his phone. It was a fun excursion though, and we met some wonderfully helpful people.
So, we came here to Innsbruck, had quite the adventure once again finding our hotel, and settled in for the night. Somehow they only had us down for a triple room when our reservation clearly said a quad. It's been interesting, but things like that don't bother the rest anymore, and nobody would go talk to the manager, so mom and dad insisted on having the twin. Odd, but whatev. No biggie, except they have absolutely no room to move when they begin to snore. Ugh.
We woke up this morning and took off for Schwangau. Anybody no where that is? No googling. Would it help if I said that the reason we went there was to see a famous castle called Schloss Neuschwanstein? It's a beautiful castle, and it was raining...well, it was raining HARD. How hard you say? Well, it was a cold rain that had us soaked within about 10 feet from the car. And of course we (Curt and I) refused to--gasp--buy an umbrella. Seriously, tourist areas + umbrellas = gouge your eyes out as well as the prices. And, of course, because of that logic we didn't even look at the prices. Haha. We just went for it. Dad and mom had rain jackets at least. Curt and I just had warmup jackets...that didn't do their nominal job of warming us up in the slightest. Regardless, we had a joyful time. Oh yes, and we chose to walk the 40 minute (it really was only 20) walk to the castle instead of the bus. SO, in other words, we were soaked, and there was a HUGE line to get under the little shelter at the castle until our tour was to begin. No photos inside, so the photos on that site are what you get.
Anyway, we had a good time, and we made sure to use the awesome heat capabilities of our rental on the way back. We came home, dried halfway, then took off to explore Innsbruck. Nice little place, a lot of these towns remind me of ski towns back home, and Innsbruck is just like that. Except we're in the Alps. *THE* Alps. Yeah, so put that in your pipe and throw it away.
Until tomorrow or when we have internet again. Plus, the rest of the gang will be seeing you all soon (maybe not you *all*, but...), so...ciao!

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  1. Hey!! This is your fav cousin ever! Chelsie :) I was just sittin here bein bored at my house and picked up the laptop and just was kinda messin around doin whatev and then i was like hey we should try and find shawnee and brady's blog! so we went to theirs and then found your name in their friends list so we clicked on it and have been lookin at your cool, fun pics! it looks like you guys are havin so so much fun! it's so pretty over there! i love the big flower garden thing, it's like a fairytale land.. haha i wanna hear all about everything when you guys get back, i'd rather ya just tell me than have to read all that.. you know me.. haha well i better go, i just wanted to say hi! tell your bro hi for me and your mom and dad! and you guys have fun, be careful, and be safe! love you guys! and i'll talk to ya soon!
    ~ chels

    Hey guys! so i'm pretty much really jealous of you!! i totally wish i could be there!n lol i looked at all your pic's and it is so pretty! have you been shopping??? lol o and are there any hot men?? lolo if so, i want pic's!! lol i wanna hear ALL about it!! tell everyone i say hi!! be safe and have fun! love ya! ~ cass ~