Cool Panoramic of Inauguration

Great events call for great photography!

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  1. There's a couple hundreds of millions of dollars...

  2. Hundreds of millions of dollars of what?

  3. The economy is in crisis, people are losing jobs and homes... so let's party? Obama's inaguration cost $150 million. Seems a little extravagant to me

  4. Ah. I'll let the sharks take that one.

  5. And by sharks, I guess I mean me...a short search is all that's needed!

    "Media Matters has noted that when the costs incurred by the federal government and the District of Columbia are factored in, the total cost of Bush's 2005 inauguration was reportedly around $157 million. The Washington Post reported in January 2005 that the cost of Bush's second inauguration, which the Post reported to be $40 million, "does not include the cost of a web of security, including everything from 7,000 troops to volunteer police officers from far away, to some of the most sophisticated detection and protection equipment." Further, The New York Times reported on January 5 that in 2005, "the federal government and the District of Columbia spent a combined $115.5 million, most of it for security, the swearing-in ceremony, cleanup and for a holiday for federal workers."

    Seeing as (true) inflation is around somewhere between 9 and 15%, keeping the massive security costs under Bush's second inauguration is very impressive.
    Americans don't have a lot to celebrate right now. I think it's A-Okay to give them a little breathing room, especially at the prospects of a period with better leadership.