Inauguration Tuesday Update

On Sunday, I took some visiting friends up to Sundance and we saw a very poignant film called 'Kimjongilia.' It's about defectors from North Korea, and they talk about the state of that nation. It was intense, and I learned quite a lot about North Korea and its many, many problems. Afterwards, we went to Main Street and, of course, to the New York Lounge, where I spent some time last year (free food!). Walking through we saw Pierce Brosnan, which was cool. As we were leaving, he also came to step outside and we had a little chat:
Pierce: "It's so hot in here, I have to get some air."
Me: "Can't blame you."
Me opens door.
Pierce leaves.
Okay, so it wasn't word for word. He's actually a nice guy, and seemed very personable. Hooray for Sundance! We heart you!

So, my satellite sources have revealed there were LOTS of people in D.C. today. How many? This many:

You can actually get a super high res version here.

So, we have a new president. It makes me sparkle inside. Government might finally be able to communicate with its people. Obama's marketing team was amazing through the campaign, and it looks like they are continuing strong. They even have some creative copy cats and innovators following their path. Check out the differences at whitehouse.gov:

It even has a blog, which makes me wonder if comments will be enabled. That would be pretty sweet. Even cooler, is how much transparency is evident just in the website changeover. Take a look at the comparisons of the robots.txt file. For those of you uninformed about the robots.txt file...it's an internet standard that every domain should have. It tells the search engines what directories they are not allowed to search through. Bush's administration had over 2400 entries!! Obama's? 2 lines...the two that must be in every robots.txt file.

If you want to have a good chuckle, check out the superuseless superpowers blog. It's a fun read.

For those who remember, I kinda like the ukulele, and I love the Beatles. So this video was pretty sweet:


  1. Obama is totally bringing back the age old tradition of weekly radio shows as well. You can subscribe for free on Itunes to get his weekly radio pod casts where he speaks about issues directly to the nation. Neato! Thanks Obama, you sure are swell!

  2. Right! And of course, the first REAL 21st century president (who's not stuck in the stone age!) has a YouTube channel as well. It's grand!