Fun with Illustrator

Many people ask me the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator. The answer, super-simplified is this: Photoshop is for editing photos, and Illustrator is for creating art. Now, of course, Illustrator can handle photo-realistic images (to an extent) and Photoshop can definitely create art, but when it comes down to it, I would never try to create a web site mock-up in Photoshop anymore, nor would I ever try to map an image to a 3d plane in Illustrator (well, I might...but that's for another day).
I believe that there are two things that you can do to become an expert with these two programs: practice (obviously) and watch others use them (not so obvious, apparently).
I try to find some really good practices for those wanting to practice, and sometimes, I'm fortunate to find video tutorials (like the crazy posters found here, video double below). Here's a good one for Illustrator. And of course, like all of my vids I post, it's quite interesting for the un-artist too.


"Science Machine"

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  1. Watching the science machine kinda made me feel all drugged up...not in a good way though, more like a chris farley type of way. Sad.