Credit Crisis--Visualized!

Here's a nice little animation showing exactly why the credit crisis is a crisis. If you've wondered why mortgages really are affecting so many people, etc., this 10 minute video is a great primer, and truly informative!


  1. There is a crisis because everyone is greedy! We want everything, but want to pay for it later. People buy everything on credit and eventually it catches up with them... Americans are whiney

  2. But that is a very informative video...

  3. That was informative and I'd like to spread the word. Hope you don't mind.

    The problem I have is that everyone is trying to blame this on irresponsible home owners who are defaulting on their mortgages. They never went to Banker's school, they aren't educated on the percentage rates or how shitty their deal is. Yes, they definitely should be, but isn't it the banker's job to make sure that they are educated and responsible before giving them a home?

    I think its ridiculous that we are blaming these families, because it was the greed of the investors that led to this crisis. They were producing false growth which produced more false growth. If they hadn't been borrowing billions of dollars and turning out false numbers, we wouldn't be screwed! Oh well. Live and learn.

    I've been saying for years that something like this was bound to happen sometime. And although it really does stink, I think it will be a good lesson in the long run for us as Americans. At least I hope that we learn from our mistakes. And yes, even though I'm not one of these irresponsible people I'm counting as one of us, because the only way to solve this problem is to understand that we are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

  4. that was a great visualization for something I've not entirely understood. Thanks for sharing, if you don't mind I might blog it as well. I think its worth passing around.

  5. i never mind when you spread the word. i found this incredibly informative, which is why i passed it on!

    most importantly, like you said chels, we're in it together, no matter what our feeling toward the greediness of wall street tends to be.

    also, credit is an interesting concept. we've known that americans tend to abuse it, but it's also dreadfully important to our economy. i guess what i'm saying is that it's not credit's fault, but the psyche of american consumers, which i find is quite parallel to the american attitude of 'we're number one and must show the entire world our power and noone can stop us!'

  6. Wow, the first time i have visited your blog in months i find something not only interesting, but helpful. You go Tyler!