There Just Might Be Such a Thing as a Free Breakfast

So, at 5:30am this morning, I entered all sneaky like into Lance's bedroom and jumped on him. I had already pushed Phil into the shower--after all, we might have been late if I hadn't--we told Max we'd meet him at 6.
Finally, they were both ready, and we ran out and jumped in the car and took off to...
That's right. We decided, as poor college students, that the only thing better than not going to school last week because we were in the Emergency Room all night was to get a free meal--even if it was from Denny's. (I've never been a fan since eating Thanksgiving dinner there 11 years ago...)
We got there quite early and were third in line, so we got in quite quickly. But, as you can see...there was a long line by the end.
A brilliant campaign by Denny's, their idea to give away a free meal to ANYONE who came in looked too good to be true. It wasn't. You didn't have to do anything but show up and eat. If you couldn't stay, they were gladly handing out rain-checks. Even the Salvation Army brought a few van fulls, and despite the cold, everyone was in good cheers--even the staff. It was pretty cool to see. Anyway, it was slightly weird because they didn't even give us a receipt...we just got up and left.
Super fun, for super fun guys!


  1. super rad. all i've ever scored was a free slurpie.

  2. Boy if that is all you remember about that trip. Me and dad didn't do a good job creating memories that year!!

  3. haha! i have a lot of memories from that trip; that's just one of them!