'The Inheritance of War' to play in Ogden

E-mail I received from Ashley:
Dear Friends and Family,

We are very excited to announce that our documentary, The Inheritance of War will finally be making it's Ogden debut as part of the Foursite Film Festival. The film will play at Peery's Egyptian Theater, Saturday March 7 at 11:00 AM.

The film premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January to a packed theater, has played in the LDS Film Festival and will now have it's first public showing in Ogden. We've had a great reaction from audiences who have seen it, and recommend telling your friends about it, especially those who enjoy WWII history or who have served in the military. The film is designed to be enlightening to people of all ages and interest levels.

Synopsis of the film:

Detailing an ongoing fight for justice, The Inheritance of War follows the little-known tale of thousands of WWII soldiers held as prisoners of war in the Philippines after the largest defeat in United States military history.

The emotional story of survival and hardship describes nearly-forgotten events like the death march across the Bataan Peninsula, the "hell ships" that carried prisoners of war to Japan, and harrowing stories of starvation, poor treatment, and harsh conditions experienced when the men were forced to work as slave laborers for Japanese corporations.
Fifty-five years later, the aging soldiers filed a class action suit, seeking justice and recognition for wrongs committed against them by the now multibillion-dollar corporations. James Parkinson, a 30-year veteran attorney from Palm Desert, Calif., worked on their case in 1999. He carries their story to high schools across America, reminding the next generation that the past writes the prologue to the future. ~ Synopsis by Jamie Belnap

The documentary is based on the book Soldier Slaves, and was filmed in the Philippine Islands, Salt Lake City, UT, Palm Desert and San Diego, California, and Washington D.C. It highlights the prisoner of war experiences of Salt Lake City native Harold Poole, along with three other veterans who give remarkable accounts of their experiences on the Bataan Death March and as slave laborers in Japan. Their story is a piece of history that should never be forgotten.

To learn more about the movie and to keep in touch with its current screenings go to www.theinerhitanceofwar.com

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