Walmart: Redux?

I hate rehashing old topics, but because of the intrigue that my last posts brought, I thought I'd adhere to my policy of balanced blogging.
Life at Wal-Mart is a post by former Wired writer Charles Platt. It is a very interesting experiment that he conducted, plus his thoughts about it.
I still do not agree with Wal-Mart's foreign policy (gross), but it's always good to hear another's point of view.

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  1. Mostly a good article, though I'm skeptical of this Adam Shepard guy he refers to (I disliked him immediately after seeing his picture, actually). It's not that much of an accomplishment for someone with a college degree, a foreign language, no dependents to support, and apparently no debt (he was even $25 out of the hole) to have a car, savings, and an apartment within a short time. If Bill Gates were stripped of his wealth and credit history and put in a homeless shelter, I guarantee he'd be at least a millionaire in a couple of years.

    People with few or no skills have few or no options. The way to help them is not to demonize their means of livelihood. They can and should be helped (I believe in a generous EITC and government health care paid for with progressive taxes), but I agree that it's certainly not Wal-Mart's fault they are poor.