Becoming well-rounded

My life is a quest for becoming well-rounded. When people ask me what I'm going to school for, I have about 4 answers to give them. Three of them seem completely unrelated, but in my mind, it's all related. I was on my iGoogle homepage looking at my How To of the Day (wikiHow) gadget, and I noticed one that really piqued my interest: How to think like Leonardo da Vinci.
So, Leo is my hero. I can't express how much I would like to mimic and learn to be like him. So I obviously HAD to go check out this wikiHow. Since it's a wiki, I am careful to take what's written with a grain of salt. However, this topic had links to a few others that I thought were interesting and thought provoking, so I thought I'd share them. So, make sure to check out:
How to exercise an open mind.
How to freewrite.
How to describe a smell.
How to Start Contact Juggling.
Seriously, have you ever heard of contact juggling?

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