A blur of blub

So, here's my variety show for the week. Let me say it's been an AWESOME week. A relatively new and--finally--young man has been chosen to take the mantle of that Presidency. If any of you thought that he's turned up his unity pull just to win the election, I invite you to watch and listen to him before he was a U.S. Senator. His ideals of unity pervade way back [it's a good watch, anyway].

On the design front, no matter what your opinion on Star Wars is, you have to admit that the designs were pretty sweet. They completely changed the way we thought of the "Final Frontier." I know, I know, Trekkies will argue that Star Trek came first, but Star Wars' production design was fantastically better, plus light sabers kick phasers butt! Some more onset photos reveal even more, and you gotta love looking at storyboards and seeing what the original plans were.

If you ever wanted to see yourself with a mustache, click here. And Blu-rays are on sale here!
Okay, I'm done advertising.
I got my film back, and it looks great. It looks fantastic! Thanks again to all those who contributed to it! I will let you all know when the edit is done, when the sound is done, and finally, when I spend the last of my measly money to pay for the final print. Then we'll REALLY have a party. I'm serious! I've posted a small snippet of digitized footage, which doesn't do the real film justice (the means we use to go from film to digital isn't too great of quality, but it's free).

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  1. Well, with a mustache I look anywhere from a child molester to a Satan worshiper. I do sorta pull off the vespa and "Mr. Metro" okishly. Maybe during the summer . . . or not. Cool web app though.