Coolest thing I've seen today

Well, it's actually the coolest thing I've done today, but whatev. One major reason I've wanted an iPhone was the ability to use some programs to constantly track my finances. Since ATT has so vehemently silenced my desires, I have turned elsewhere.
And I found this.
It's free, and it's amazingly powerful. Within 5 minutes (or less, even) it had all of my balances from every savings, checking, loan, and credit card in my name. But that's not all. It had categorized ALL the transactions in my history. It had prepared a budget based on my past spending (of course, I edited it to be a little more realistic...I don't spend that much at Newegg every month, after all), it had prepared several trend graphs to help me see my spending habits, and it even showed me how I could save $195 every year.
That's pretty good for free.
I recommend it to everyone (although it didn't have phil's credit union, for what that's worth...)

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  1. Stupid mint email support wont even send me an actual hand written email, only pre-written garbage about nothing while my account remains unusable. Oh, mint.com...