A comment I left on Chelsi's post about post-election violence re: Prop 8:
chels! i like it, even though you know my thoughts on the whole issue. it's very true that those opposing prop 8 have really shown their colors in the past few weeks.
i think the main reason the lds church is seeing so much spotlight concerning this issue is the fact that while we represented a very small percentage of the vote, members contributed a staggering $17.7 million of the total $22.9 million rasied for Yes on 8 (your numbers were a bit off from my research). so, while i certainly don't agree with the response, i think it's quite explicable. i'm linking this on my blog.

I should add that I meant "...very true that some of those opposing..." because it's quite obvious I don't mean everyone (ahem...including myself). Check out her post by following the link above.

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  1. True dat... I actually agree that i feel the prop 8 movement targeting the church is counterproductive to their cause. While I dont agree with the church's involvement in the issue, I feel its unfortunate that the protest has boiled down to the only form of opposition to prop 8's passing when so many other constructive solutions could work to further gay rights.