Insomniac break

So, many of you who know me may be expecting this post to detail to you what Insomnia is, why I love it, and why nobody should be expecting any communication with me tomorrow.
I just received this lovely little email from Apple. that says:

Dear Insomnia Participants,

Due to unexpected challenges we are postponing the 2008 Insomnia Film Festival. We understand the inconvenience and disappointment this change of schedule brings to those of you who have been preparing to participate.

Our plan is to reschedule the festival for after the holidays. If you have already registered on the Insomnia Gallery we will automatically contact you when the new festival dates are scheduled. If you have not yet registered and would like to be informed of the new schedule, please sign-up here and we will be happy to contact you.

Apple Insomnia Team

Unlucky. But that means I'll be going to the Real Salt Lake game tomorrow. That's cool, but I'm also deeply saddened: the rumor is that it's server problems plaguing the contest. Come on, Apple!! This year has been awful for you and server issues! mobileMe? iPhone activation?? Now this??? Ugh.

Anyway, in other insomniac news, I went to the Quantum of Solace premiere at midnight last night. BBE. (Best Bond Ever.) I really like the style and the story of Craig's Bond, and I think they've finally got away from the Brosnan pure-action-no-story Bond, and back to character driven plots. Plus my all-time favorite director, Marc Forster, was at the helm of the project. If you like Bourne, you'll like this Bond. If you like stories where character is more important (but not too much more important) than plot, you'll like it. And if you like crazy Aston Martin chase seens, perfect. See it!! (Lance even pointed out to me today that the language is clean...so, for you that pay attention to that, it's definitely a different Bond)