Tuesday Update strikes back!

After Insomnia broke down, and Real's chance at history was silenced, what is there that I could possibly update the world on? Besides school consuming hordes of my time, my film coming along and requiring hours of work each week (that's my editing table above!), work being, well, work and keeping me in the office well past schedule, I have been incredibly...free.
Free. Yeah. Whatever.
Besides just arguing with a good friend over approaches of argumentation (think about that one), I have been dragged about with homework as of late. But I have found time to seriously consider some of the world's most serious topics. Have you ever read the Viridian Manifesto? You should. [thanks to BoingBoing which also has a concise treatment of the original manifesto, and some thoughts about it including this intro, which is awesome:
Some nine years ago, I had my mind blown by Bruce Sterling's Viridian Manifesto, a call-to-arms that held:

1. That the world was under serious threat due to anthropogenic global warming, and
2. That the answer wasn't to live simply, but rather to use better technology to help us make better choices and conduct our lives in a better way

These two ideas are incredibly inspiring, and have served as a powerful antidote against the Three Stupidities of Global Warming:

1. There is no global warming, or if there is, it's natural
2. The only answer to global warming is to live in log cabins, unplug your fridge and never get on another airplane
3. Global warming is inevitable, so let's go buy some more Hummers and pass the spotted owl omelette, wouldya?

But, life's not all about seriousness: talking guitars and improv. Oh...yeah. I think I might just start a band called that: talking guitars and improv. Of course, I can do neither too well, so, that might be bad...
Hey, anybody remember my post about how airport security was a joke and that our paranoia-induced approach to fighting terrorism was faulty? (Original story here, very VERY good read). Apparently, the only saving grace that airport security may have had, has been given a 99% fail rate. As in, it doesn't work. Perfect. Now we get hour security waits with NO more results than we had before (besides better technology).
I was on the bus today, and some people were discussing politics. One lady said to the driver something to the effect of, "I just hope people give Obama a chance and don't have false expectations over the rapidity of change." While I do agree that people shouldn't expect things to change overnight, I also think that we shouldn't apply the same reasoning to the degree of change. We should expect lots of it, but we certainly do need to be patient. Oh well, we can play Super Obama World and look at campaign pins in the meantime!!
I'm also about ten steps closer to my Mac Mini Home Theatre Computer. HTMacs have been historically difficult to have supreme functionality, but thanks to Max for letting me borrow his eyeTV and Brad for letting me use his lappy, I'm figuring it out quite well. I'm currently trying XHub, which is clean, but I also like simple Front Row with the PyeTV plugin. Hmmm...decisions!
Here's something crazy and interesting albeit sad: Ants!
For those getting into photography, here're some good tips from Alec Soth. And has anybody tried SketchUp from Google? New version out today...
Oh, and I know at least one of you will enjoy this!
Amelie, Jr.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

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