Should I?

Well, the decision to post this took a lot longer than usual. I was seriously debating whether I could, but then I realized how strongly I feel about this year's election. With the results to be had in less than 3 days now, I must write simply and clearly: McCain and Palin are not the leaders for this country at this time. People can argue against that with rhetoric, but quite simply, there is very little about that ticket that I can conscientiously--as a freedom-lover, a faithful christian, and a self-declared intellect--support. That's all I will say in the matter.
Now, the part that took me a while to decide to post. First, I will say that I feel really bad that Palin was suckered into this. It's not for me to say if she handled it right or not, but it was the first thing that has happened in this campaign to make me sympathize with her. However, it's also a very candid look at the governor. Yep.


  1. That was horrible. I think it's awful that people have to stoop to a level like that. It's one thing to have an opinion and support one candidate over another, and it's another to do something so completely childish especially in the name/support of another candidate. I won't be voting for her, but I feel really bad for her. She's been put into a horrible spotlight for the past few months and I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

  2. That is so sad! I mean I think she did okay, but who the heck are her advisers? They should be screening calls much better than this, dorks! I'm not a Palin fan, mostly due to her obvious lack of knowledge and experience with American Gov and foreign relations in general, but I don't hate her and would never wish anything bad to happen to her. I guess shes learned one more lesson to add to her play book.