Back to Basics

Well, it's quite obvious where my focus has been the last few months. This presidential campaign has really encouraged my...vocal nature. For those who think that this blog has become too opinionated, I want to extend a comforting arm, welcoming you back--with one caveat.
You see, I started this blog hoping to make a place where I could write my thoughts about everyday life and how I felt about it. I don't expect you to agree with my opinions, so I will continue to write my feelings down.
However, I think I will broaden the content on the site. Seeing as my last lot of posts have been labeled 'Politics,' I plan on introducing a greater variety of diversified topics. (There's nothing wrong with being redundant.)
Hopefully this will encourage people to visit and comment (I see comments as a great way to make this less of a blog about me, and more of a blog that opens topics to conversation).

1 comment:

  1. I agree! I don't read your posts cuz its all politics, politics, politics. We get enough of that already. Get a life Ty! Ha Ha :-P