Snow Sweet Snow!

Yesterday was wonderful--except that it was FREEZING COLD!
I woke up early to go to work for a bit. The cold morning was acceptable, but as I got ready to come home, I realized that it was snowing for the first time this season. Wait. October 11 + Snow = too early for the cold. So, work was cold.
I then had a game in Centerville, which was cold. I couldn't feel my feet the entire game.
I went up to Ogden to help Kelby fix the network at his dad's shop.
CAUTION: the next few sentences are incredibly off-topic.
While we were waiting for some things to install, we decided to race my car against Kelby's mom's truck--which they've made completely illegal, but quite fast. It was the first time I had ever raced my car for real, and I must say--my car is FAST. Haha. I pretty much kept up with a vehicle that has seen more money put into it than I'd ever pay for it. But my speedy GTI handily kept up. However, I was still cold.
Anyway, moral of the story--yesterday was cold, and only rewarded me with about 4 hours of snow in Salt Lake, none of which stayed on the ground.


  1. "pretty much kept up with" dmth. "i lost" .. . .

  2. i still think if i knew the road, i could have won. his truck was SO loud, and it distracted me at the moment i should have shifted. did i mention i was ahead until the 3-4 shift?

  3. You need to live in Zion (AKA Hooper). We got a foot of snow and it stayed! :-)

  4. Zion? Hooper? Wait, YOU don't even live in Hooper. And when Zion's description includes fences made of old cars...maybe I'll believe that.