What You Didn't Know, You Actually Did

Whoa. Crazy, eh?
So the real question you should be asking, instead of why don't my titles ever make sense, is how did I know that you'd read this post. Read on.
One thing I absolutely love, is to have deep philosophical arguments with myself. It's very enlightening, and quite fun, if not nerve-racking, to think about. Like, for example...the concept of time. I explained to my dad the other day:
When is being on time, on time? If a meeting is supposed to start at 10 o'clock, then if it starts at 10 o'clock and 30 seconds, is it still on time? How then, can you say, if it starts at 10:01, that it's late? For you just said that 10:00 is equal to 10:00 and 30 seconds, and if that's the case, 30 seconds = 0 seconds, which can be extended to show that twice of thirty seconds is also zero seconds. At which point you could begin proving that 10:02 isn't late, but then, neither is 10:04. Pretty soon, your meeting is starting at 11:04, but you're still on time (my kind of thinking, haha). Or...does time even exist at ALL!???
My favorite to tell people who aren't into math is this:
What is 1/9 times 9? Well, it's 1, of course. Okay, what is the fractional representation of 1/9? It's .1111 repeating endlessly. Perfect. Well, then what is .1111 (continuing forever) times 9? Obviously, it's .9999 repeating forever. Which is quite the predicament for all of us who want to have sane lives. How can 1.0000 = .9999? We've obviously lost something somewhere...now, if somebody could find it for me...

What I'm getting at, is that these are always fun to think about, especially when you don't go crazy because of them. I read this today, and was sent spiraling off in a lala-land of philosophical fun. I think it's quite interesting on both a spiritual and philosophical level anyway, and it's definitely a good read!


  1. Ty... you're such a nerd! Ha ha

  2. Despite the fact that you are a busy college student, I sometimes wonder if you have too much "time" on your hands. :)

  3. And this is why you are such an irritating person to argue with . . . ha ha.

  4. It finally makes sense to me.... you are always late because in your screwed up world, 10:00 = 10:30 or 12:00 or anytime after when you are supposed to be somewhere. Rarely are you early, so apparently 10:00 is not equal to 9:45.