Conspiracy #1,109,288,320,320,389.5: Barack the Terrible

So, I found this list of things that would implicitly HAVE to be true if all of those excruciatingly-painful-to-listen-to implications put forth by so many Obama-fearing people were true.
It's quite good and makes the point I've been trying to make for quite a while. Please people, think before you say incredibly stupid things.
Here it is, abbreviated to the list, via kottke.org:
1) That Barack Obama is, and has been at least from his college days, a conscienceless, hermetic liar, who refused to reveal his true agenda and thoughts to anyone other than his co-conspirators; not to his casual friends, students, colleagues, employers, clients and constituents, and that his two books on his life and political beliefs are nothing but a pack of lies, possibly ghostwritten by others. Further, that Obama never acted in any significant way to advance that Marxist/radical agenda in any of his prior jobs or offices, presumably because if he had done so (by, say, putting forward a radical Marxist bill in the Illinois State Senate, where he served for 12 years,) he would have blown his cover, and ruined his chance to become President, which has always been his goal, and from which office he will finally enact his true agenda;

2) and/or that those of his friends/colleagues/co-conspirators to whom he did reveal his true agenda, (William Ayers, et al) have also maintained absolute perfect silence/mendacity on the topic, forever, as no one who actually knows Obama has ever said, “You know, once he’s got a couple of drinks in him, he starts going on about Che and finishing the Revolution;”

3) and/or all the sensible, centrist, often bipartisan things Obama did do (eg. the bill to tape interrogations in Illinois) the hundreds of thousands of dollars he he helped hand out via the Annenberg Challenge to things like literacy programs, et. al, were all mere cover for his true, as of yet unenacted agenda;

4) and/or all the national newspapers and news channels that have scoured every aspect of Obama’s life, from his childhood in Indonesia to his career as a law professor to his wife’s honor’s thesis at Princeton, and who have revealed absolutely no evidence of anything but Obama being an extremely intelligent, perhaps overly cautious and eager-to-please good-government liberal, have either themselves been duped or, more likely, are in on the scam.

Full article here. Great read.

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