Can I make a suggestion?

I realize this will sound quite odd, but I have some suggestions to make.
First, to the camera thief: just leave the card, please? If you're going to be a bugger and steal a camera, make it easier on your victim by leaving the memory card behind. Seriously, a 4gig card won't run you more than $25, and your victim might even say something like, "hey, look how nice that bugger camera thief was! he left behind our memory card."
Second, if you have money, invest in construction in Dubai. They're building enormous buildings these days.
Third, when considering your opinions about being "green," also consider the incredible awesome-ness of the Chevy Volt, destined for 2010. I can't believe I just described an American vehicle as awesome-ness...but it is. Plus, you can get back some of those 700 billion Washingtons...
Fourth, life is so much more enjoyable when you can understand and use words like "fortnight," "heretofore," "yonder," "quibble," "propinquity," etc. in everyday conversations.
Lastly, check this out! While it's not right, it certainly is clever. And if the world was made up by more clever people...

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