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Since it's my sis' birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) I decided to post this (lots of posts today, I've been rejuvenated!)
She's been doing really well advancing her Photoshop techniques. I'm quite proud of her. She's asked me a lot of detailed questions about Photoshop before, and I ran across an awesome guide today. Most Photoshop guides are pathetic, and only teach you one thing at a time, but this one is very comprehensive, and can teach someone vaguely familiar with Photoshop a LOT about the more in-depth features. Check it out.
Moreover (one of those awesome words to use, fo sho), if you like photo editing, like my soon-to-be-wed friends, or if you want to make your photos even better, take a look at some great editing techniques. I really like this approach.
Lastly, along photographic lines, people have asked me which DSLR's to consider purchasing. Here's my list, along with short justifications of the position:
1. Canon 5D Mark II, $2699MSRP - besides being a rather affordable full-frame DSLR (which, in short, means your sensor size is a full 35mm, which is awesome. ask me why another time), it has a super-fast sensor and can shoot full 1080p video, like this amazing piece, if it ever comes back online.
2. Canon EOS 40D, $1099MSRP - absolute best bang for the buck: fast sensor and great functions make this a killer deal.
3. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, $699MSRP - although lacking many, many features, this is a great camera for those who want to get into photography, but don't want to spend a lot of money (a little bit of an oxymoron...). Plus, it comes in silver!
4. Nikon D90, $999MSRP - everyone wants to know why I don't seriously consider this low-budget contender. While I admit that it's got lots of potential, lots of features, and it's not way expensive, I cannot justify the slow sensor. It's *incredibly slow,* and basically makes the 720p shooting mode useless. Plus, Nikon lost too much ground when digital became mainstream for me to ever consider buying a Nikon digital camera. Plus, my photog friends have always described the Nikon bodies as "weak," with pieces falling off after heavy use.
There's many more, but that's all I have time for. Once again, Happy Birthday, sis!

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  1. You're nice. Thanks. :) It's been a good day so far.