More Behind the scenes of "Truth"

At 3am Thursday morning, the filming of my short entitled "Truth" was officially wrapped. I must say that this was the most invigorating, yet most stressful, shoot I've ever completed. I think that part of that stress must have come from the fact that it was all me, no production help. Well, I take that back. My good friend, Chase, saved my life this week. Not only did he keep me organized, but he was also great moral and creative support. He even acted as a production assistant...basically he bent over backwards for me and this shoot, and I'm ever grateful for that. In fact, the entire cast was very helpful, and everyone involved pitched in to clean and set lights, so I'm very pleased.

I'd like to write a small list of things that I learned during this intense two-day shoot. They might seem obvious, and I don't know how applicable these would be in any other person's life, but I find it invaluable to ponder these things personally and publicly.

The list:
- Preparation is priceless. No matter how well you prepare for something, there are MANY things you didn't prepare for. Having someone who is corroborating with you who is honest is invaluable: I find sometimes people I work with won't be honest because they don't want to hurt my feelings (I know, wtf, right?), but somebody who can tell you that you're an idiot and you should think this way is such a help, even if it doesn't change your mind.
- When you want something, get it. I really wanted to shoot on top of the Walker Center in Downtown SLC, but I procrastinated too long to ask them. Instead, I was forced to use the Psychology building at the U, which I think worked really well, but I still wonder how much better it would look at the Walker Center.
- Sleep is important, and doing HUGE projects during a school week isn't advisable (although it wasn't really my fault).

- Whatever you do with your life, you should be having as much fun as we had, even though we all understood that we would be loosing about 10 hours of sleep in 2 days. We had an absolute blast.
- The roof of the Psychology building is cold stuff in the winter. It also may have radio frequency output which is higher that the FCC requirements for public places.
- Having a network of people is a smart thing, not something that people should look upon with disdain. It is true that it's all who you know. But that's encouraging, not discouraging, for you will find that your network of people has such a great potential, you all just have to tap it.

- Bonded roofs get slippery when there is frost on them.

and finally...

- Fog makers and smoke detectors in the ventilation system shouldn't not be advisably mixed together.

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  1. You guys are awesome! Way to go! From the look of the pictures it seems to be one amazing film :)